Gothic Prom Dress Design Ideas

Lady in the Meadow

Sensuous, gothic prom dresses are perfect for any girl who wants to make a splash at prom. You don’t even have to dress goth normally to wear one. Gain some inspiration for choosing a goth prom dress from these unique and beautiful dresses.

This strapless mix of chiffon and leather makes for a glorious combination, while the long, black gloves perfectly accentuate the delicate features of the corset.

Dancing Princess

The combination of red and black is a daring, yet sensual, look on anyone. The key to this style is the corset bodice. The detailing in the bodice really helps the dress stand out. To add a touch of sophistication to your look, complement your outfit with long gloves that match the fabric of your dress.

Sheer Delight

Beyond black and chiffon, sheer fabrics also pair beautifully with the gothic look. Play up your soft and romantic side by donning sheer gloves or choosing a dress with tulle detailing.

Haute Couture Goth

When the world of high fashion meets the gothic look, beautiful things can happen.

Here, a formal top with beautiful detail adds substance to an otherwise simple bodice, while a ruffled skirt adds show-stopping drama. 

Choose to be a bit less dramatic with a simpler hair style or go all out and add a top hat with a veil or black feathers to an updo.

Ruffled to Perfection

Satin and ruffles mix together well to create a dramatic look. The key to wearing ruffles is to use them sparingly.

A wide, ruffled skirt paired with a simple, strapless corset top or plain bodice creates a dramatic look that is still classic.

Add full-length black satin gloves as an accessory.

Gothic Bride

While red, purple and black are traditional Goth colors, don’t forget that the color white can be equally captivating. Couple your look with a beautifully embroidered black fan for a winning ensemble that’s sure to turn heads.

What’s nice is that this style of dress can be found easily in most bridal shops or in resale and thrift stores and adapted into a prom dress with the right accessories.

Medieval Princess

With its embroidered lace detailing and tie-up bodice, a medieval-styled dress appears slightly unusual, yet ravishing.

This is a good style if you want to showcase your shoulders and collarbone, but prefer to keep the rest of your look simple.

Playing Peek-a-boo

Another way to incorporate various fabrics and finishes into your look without going overboard is to employ a peek-a-boo style.

Take a simple, full-length black dress to a local seamstress and ask her to cut away sections and add sheer material, especially in the bodice.

Sheer fabrics will definitely lend a sense of intrigue to your overall style.

All Hail the Queen

Talk about a show stopper! To be sure, the color red typically garners plenty of attention, but when red is mixed with a velvet crush fabric, the results are startling. This is a good look if you love being the center of attention. 

While the red is striking, this dress style would also work well in black, deep purple or a navy blue.

Sultry and Mysterious

For a decidedly unique look in gothic prom gowns, go for sultry and mysterious with a dark, mid-calf dress and black high-heeled spike shoes.

The gothic look is both beautiful and intriguing, and it can be achieved with just a few makeup changes and accessories. Showing off the right shoes can truly turn a simple dress into a work of art.

Elegant Eggplant

This elegant, strapless dress is the perfect choice for a special night out on the town.

While eggplant might not be your first color choice for a goth dress, you’ll be amazed how it can complement dark makeup and add that special touch that is just right for a formal occasion such as prom.

Red and Black Gothic Prom Gowns

Mix styles and material and combine contrasting colors for a unique look. This tulle and corseted dress pairs red and black with tulle and a corset to add drama and flare to the overall ensemble.

With this style, there are many different looks you could go for. For example, shorten the skirt for a less formal look or swap out the colors with a black corset and red skirt.

Midnight Madness

The midnight blue of this dress shimmers in a myriad of shades. Accent this and any other gothic prom gowns with net stockings, elbow length gloves, and other accents to play up the gothic theme. With the right hair and makeup, this dress style screams mystery.

Baroque Beauty

For a unique yet gothic look, search for a baroque styled dress in contrasting colors.

The dress in this picture features a deep, brownish-mauve bodice and a pale, off-white skirt with a touch of soft pink. However, it still achieves a gothic look with the flowers, hair and makeup the model is wearing as well as the overall style of the dress.

Goth Gone Purple

Who says a colorful dress can’t be gothic? When you add dark eye makeup and lipstick as well as nail polish, you can achieve a gothic yet fresh, young look that is sure to turn heads.

Shoes and jewelry add another layer of contrast.

Not quite sure about a purple and black gown? Choose black and deep colors like midnight blue or crimson red.

DIY Goth Dress

If you can’t find the dress you want or are on a tight budget, it’s worth noting that you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money in order to wear a gorgeous gothic creation.

With a little bit of fabric and a sewing machine, you can easily create the dress of your dreams. Obviously, the bowler hat is optional, as you can use whatever happens to be handy; including a top hat or even an antique veil. 

Most fabric stores will have costume patterns for Renaissance or Baroque style dresses that you can adapt into a goth prom dress uniquely your own.

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