What Is The Universal Cat Distribution System On TikTok And Some Great Examples

There are some who claim that cat videos are one of the reasons why the Internet was invented. According to TikTok, it would appear that they are in complete agreement. Seeing a cat find a new home with a loving owner is just one of the things that can brighten up your day more than anything else. Despite the fact that some people buy their cats or adopt them from rescue organizations, a surprising number of people end up with their pets purely by chance.

The phenomenon has been referred to as the Universal Cat Distribution System, and it is a joy to watch it unfold, and it is very interesting to watch. Here is everything you need to know about this mysterious system, including some heartwarming examples of how it works.

How Does The Universal Cat Distribution System Work?

The basic idea behind the Universal Cat Distribution System is that there are times when you do not adopt a cat but rather, a cat adopts you. This is like the universe’s way of matching cats and humans up in a way that makes sense to me. It is not uncommon to come across a cat during the course of your regular everyday activities, such as fixing your car, taking out the trash, taking a walk, or any other number of everyday activities.

After following you around for a while, or bonding with you, you may find that you have adopted the cat as your own before you know it. Cat ownership happens to you rather than you seeking it out. In other words, you don’t go out looking for it.

In recent years, the phrase has gained quite a bit of popularity on the Internet and especially on TikTok since it was coined by user @hermes.the.cynic. It has been a contributing factor to the phenomenon being observed, remarked upon, and recorded over and over again much to the delight of any and everyone involved with the experience.

What To Do If You Find A Stray Cat

When you come across a cat, it can be a very exciting experience, especially if you have been planning on adopting one in the future. Before you begin feeding or caring for a cat, it is always important to make sure that the cat does not already have a home before you begin feeding or caring for it. A typical sign of a stray can include fleas, a low body weight, and a feral temperament, among other things.

There are several things that you can do if you come across a cat that does not seem to have an owner. One of the first things to do is to take it to a vet, who can perform a scan to see if it has a microchip. Also, if the cat has been found, you can make found posters or post pictures of the cat on social media, such as on Facebook groups for lost pets in your area, to help identify it.

Cats don’t come into our lives by accident

A fluffy creature can also be a magical experience for you if you find it next to your front door, as the world is full of magic. In some parts of the world, you might hear people say that any animal that is hungry will come to a place it feels or knows that it will get food. What if a kitten or a cat appeared out of nowhere in the forest, in the bush, or anywhere else, miles away from civilization, out of the blue, overnight? What if he appeared out of nowhere on its own?

Yes, this can still be rationally explained in a logical manner. There was a kitten that was abandoned, or its mother left or died, and someone got rid of it. Even so, why are you the one who found the kitten in the first place? Do you know why you found yourself in a certain place at a certain time and why did you find yourself there?

Regardless of whether the kitten or cat is a gift from the Universe or a gift from the Universe to you, I believe that the Universe has chosen it to teach you something, make you realize something, or re-open your heart and trust (just like a kitten who has endured a great deal). There is more to it than simply saving the kitten or keeping it warm and fed; there is more to it.

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