Movie Audition Advice for Teens

It can be nerve-wracking and competitive to audition for a movie as a teen. You should prepare for your auditions once you have decided on an acting career to increase your chances of booking a role.

Making a Great First Impression During Your Audition

During auditions you have a small moment to make a large, lasting impression. Be sure to be well prepared, focused, and courteous throughout the process regardless of the feedback you may or may not be given.

How to Present in an Audition

During auditions, be sure to be professional, exude confidence, and make sure the casting agents have a chance to get to know you. Be sure to also have a few monologues prepared, and be mindful that you will probably be asked to do a cold read.

Controlling Your Nerves

If you’ve never gone on an audition, or have only gone to a few, you may still be feeling uneasy about the entire process. Keep in mind that the more experiences you have, the more comfortable you will eventually feel during auditions. To help calm yourself down prior to the audition:

  • Make sure you have your monologues memorized.
  • Be sure to have everything you need packed for the audition the night before.
  • Practice mindfulness meditation a week or so before the audition.
  • Take slow, deep breaths and envision yourself doing well.
  • Come up with a short mantra you can recite to yourself prior to auditioning like “I can do this” or “I can only do my best.”

What to Bring to Auditions

Prior to going out on auditions be sure you have some professional headshots taken and bring them along with a resume or demo reel if possible. This not only helps you look professional, but also shows that you are committed to acting as a career.

Keep in Touch With Connections

If you or your family knows any ins into the acting world, give them a call or write an email letting them know that you are interested in pursuing acting as a career. You may be surprised as to what advice or other connections they can send your way. 

Always be grateful and send a follow up thank you email regardless of how helpful their advice was. They may meet someone or have some ideas for you down the line.

Acting Auditions for Teens Made Easy

Millions of young people want to be famous, and who can blame them? When you see young stars like Millie Bobby Brown, Elle Fanning, and Lana Condor hard at work, it’s easy to think, hey I can do that too! The question is, can you do it successfully?

What You Need To Make It as a Teen Actor

If you are going to become a major talent in the saturated movie industry, you are going to need some key characteristics to get you through the process. Here’s a quick run down.

A Memorable Personality

A winning personality has nothing to do with looks, but has everything to do with how you present yourself and how you are perceived. This means smiling often, even through setbacks, being true to yourself and presenting a can-do spirit.

Self Confidence

Self-confidence is a necessary ingredient in the world of casting calls and callbacks. Keep in mind too that self-confidence is very different from arrogance. 

Self-confidence has more to do with a quiet, secure sense of self, rather than a boasting personality. Believe in yourself and your talent, and that confidence will shine through.

A Good Support System

Rejection slips litter the world of movies, so it helps to have family and friends around that support you. That means that they are there with a comforting hug, or positive feedback to help get you through the tougher moments.

Prioritize School

Someone who has gone through life’s ups and downs usually makes for an interesting personality. Prioritize your education and use the experiences you have in school to help you better understand some roles you’d like to play.

How to Prepare for Acting Jobs for Teens

As you contemplate your future in acting, get involved in the process right now. That means exploring several options that can help jump start your career.

Try Out For Plays

Try out for any and all plays and take whatever roles you do get seriously. Know your lines, be prompt and show up with an attitude of teamwork. You can also ask your drama teacher for any tips or tricks he or she might have. They just may be able to help you. You can also:

  • Add your play experience to your resume or acting reel
  • Ask your drama teacher if they have any connections in the theatre or acting world that they would feel comfortable connecting you with
  • Seek out play workshops and play roles outside of your school environment

Have Your Portfolio Ready

Make sure you have your portfolio ready. Be sure to include headshots, your acting reel, and your resume. Remember to take photos that are age appropriate and as classic as possible so you can use them for a while.

Think About Your Personality Type

If you like to sing, dance or just have a big personality, consider a career in theater. Know your personality so you can select the best roles and acting environments possible.

Finding Casting Calls for Teens

There are several sites you can visit to get your career rolling. Search for the types of auditions you are interested in and don’t be afraid to try out for something intimidating. You never know what could happen or who you could meet. For safety purposes, make sure you bring parents or a trusted adult along for the audition.

Movie, Television, and Commercial Casting Calls

It can be tricky to find a good casting call. These websites offer a large selection of movie, TV, and commercial casting calls so you can audition for as many as you possibly can.

  • Audition Finder: This website allows you to search through various shows and commercials to see if you’re the right fit for what they are looking for. They have a designated section for just teens to sift through.
  • Backstage: On this site you can search for realities and documentaries looking for teens to star in them. You can also sign up to receive emails based on your audition preferences.
  • Auditions for Films: This site offers weekly emails for teen auditions. That way you can decide if the audition is right for you without having to spend a lot of time searching for open auditions.

Student Film Casting Calls

You may be able to find student films to audition for by contacting local colleges, as well as searching specific sites. You can take a look at:

  • Production Hub: On this site you can use the filter to search for student films in specific areas who are actively casting.
  • Auditions Free: This site offers tons of international audition options for those interested in auditioning for student films.

Dance, Musicals, Theatre and Stage Casting Calls

For those who have experience in theater and dance, there are plenty of sites available to help you find auditions. You can also contact your local theater programs to see if they are putting on any plays that interest you. You can also check out:

  • Musical theater students between the ages of 12 and 19 are invited to audition for Stepping Stones, a Minnesota-based program.
  • This site offers audition options for those who have a dance background and are interested in participating in a Disney musical.
  • This theater program is located in Omaha and is open to teens who wish to audition for six-week plays.
  • You can search dance auditions for movies, commercials, and shows on the Casting Call Hub site.

Finding the Right Audition

Putting yourself out there can be challenging, but you have to start somewhere. The more auditions you attend, the better you’ll get at them. You’ll also learn which roles best suit your abilities.

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