Create a Virtual Family: How to Build?

In the same way that you can order groceries and find a real-life mate on the computer, you can also create your own virtual family online through simulation games. You can choose all sorts of different characteristics when creating family members, such as skin and eye color, personality, and size.

The Sims

There are more than one million Sims character configuration options, along with neighborhoods and homes to build. You can also create an extended family with distinct features and personalities, including zodiac signs and personality traits, if you’re looking for a family appeal.

You can play The Sims offline, but you can also interact with other Sims players online. IGN rated The Sims 4 7.5 out of 10, and the game costs about $40. If you want to experience life as a parent, consider expansion packs like ‘Parenthood’ for about $20. In addition to school projects, you can discipline your children as well.

Creating Your Sims Family

Create your new family in The Sims by clicking the create family button. With endless distinguishing features and personality styles, this game is fully customizable. You can choose any character in the family to start with. As an example, you may want to create the father first.

You can choose his name, personality, and physical features, even down to his walk. You can then do the same with the other family members. As well as selecting their relationship ties, the app allows you to modify their ages. It is possible to have young children, teenagers, grandmothers, and grandfathers in your family.

The possibilities within this world are truly endless, depending on what type of Sims family you want to build. It is literally possible to spend hours designing your own family.

Virtual Families

By complimenting or admonishing characters in Virtual Families, you can control thousands of character combinations and personalities. You can help your family members find significant others, build houses, and find jobs. Besides scheduling “catastrophic” events such as storms and serious illnesses, you can also control the weather and time of day.

Make your characters do yard work, eat, go to work, take care of the children, and turn on appliances. Virtual Families Lite and Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House are free mobile versions of the game. There is a full mobile version of the game that costs about $2. According to GameZebo, the series received a good rating of 3.0/5, but there were some inconsistencies noted.

Adopting Your Virtual Family

You will adopt a character to begin creating your family in this virtual world. On the adoption paper, the character’s name, age, gender, profession, salary, likes, and if he or she wants children are listed. 

If you don’t like the initial character, you can try again until you find one you like. You will receive an email about a virtual person you can marry after exploring the game for a while.


Having children requires choosing two avatars who both want children. Now, getting children is simply a matter of making them. There is a part of this game that may make actual parents squeamish, even though it is rated for everyone. 

Put your little avatars in the bedroom (or on the couch if you haven’t created one yet). That’s how babies are made. You might have to complete some tasks to get a child, but you might also get one right away.

You can create your virtual child by performing this task at night and praising your couple.

Second Life

Second Life is a very popular simulation game where you can build a family, which received mixed reviews from Gamespot users. In-game content may require a fee, but the game itself is free. A massive multi-player online role playing game created entirely by users. Avatars, houses, shopping malls, and more are built by the “residents” (users). 

In the world, everything is conducted in the same way as it is in real life. Online users can find love and even have virtual children.

In contrast to other games that allow you to create families from scratch, this game allows you to customize your avatar and join a virtual family that fits your interests. It costs around $5-10 to have a child; a single child can cost more or less.

Finding a Family

Creating a simulated family in Second Life is as simple as finding another person who wants to join your family. Put yourself up for adoption if you want to find a family. In addition to looking for children, people are looking for mothers and fathers as well. 

You will typically have a trial period of about a week after being placed with a family. Also, you can search for a family that you think would be a good fit and ask to join without going to an adoption agency.

You can also be a mother in Second Life if that is your dream. You can experience a simulated pregnancy at a maternity clinic, complete with weekly check-ups and Lamaze classes, if you are interested.

Warnings About Virtual Families

Families may fight or get upset with each other in real life. Due to the fact that you control your virtual family, this won’t be a problem. Some players spend more time with their virtual spouses and children than with their real families. 

Addiction can be a problem, so it is a good idea to set a time limit for yourself. Even so, virtual families are fun and can give you experiences you’ve never had before, like having a baby or getting a sister. Take a look at the games available and find one that suits your needs.

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